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Cost of Giving Birth In USA Can Be Low!

Greetings from Bespoke Vacations! Thanks for your interest in our services. We get asked this question a lot. What is the cost of giving birth in USA? The cost starts from about $7000 and can go as high as $35,000 or more. With the package we’re about to introduce to you, it can be as ow as $5000, yes you read that right and the quality is top notch, no hidden fees, no tricks. If you schedule a a consultation appointment today, We will show you a trick you can use to reduce the cost of giving birth in USA by another $500, yes an additional $500 in savings!

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We are excited to provide you comprehensive information to help you receive your bundle of joy at the lowest possible cost and without any hassles in the United States state of Florida.The cost of giving birth in the USA doesn’t have to be high!

Giving Birth in USA Mum Meets Baby
Child Birth in the USA

Why Florida?

Florida has several cutting edge birthing facilities and welcomes foreign expecting mothers. They offer record turn around times for baby document processing (birth certificate, passports & social security number). Florida is an international state with a lot of Hispanic influence. It is a coastal state so it has abundant turquoise waters and lovely beaches, visitors can swim, surf and jet ski in the warm and crystal-clear Atlantic waters. You can also nap on the white sands, work on a tan or simply watch the beautiful people and even have a nice meal at a fresh sea food restaurant.

Giving Birth in USA Hospital Ward
child birth in the usa

It is sunny in Florida all year round (No Cold!) so your trip will most probably turn out to be your longest vacation ever.  To top it off, the pricing is very competitive. Our objective is to ensure that you get the best possible price, to this end our clients usually spend about $5000 or $7,755 for Vaginal and C-Section deliveries respectively. This is one of the best prices in the US. This cost covers the Hospital fees, the OBGYN fees, 12 Antenatal visits, 1 follow-up visit, Labs/Ultrasound, Paediatrician fees for baby’s hospital review as well as anaesthesia for the C-Section delivery.

Our Service Offering

We offer an all inclusive package that guarantees that the cost of giving birth in USA is reduced to the lowest possible amount. Our offering ranges from the point of visa application, through securing a doctor, a hospital and accommodation, to the actual birth and documentation of your new born.


Giving Birth in USA Ultra Sound Scan
Giving Birth in USA

We help you get a doctor, this is crucial as it is a key component of your visa application submission, doctors are difficult to secure as they will only see you in the latter part of your pregnancy and this is considered high risk for the doctor, however we are able to achieve this leveraging our long-standing relationship with the doctors.


With a doctor and the elementary correspondence in place, you will fill in the visa application form with guidance from us and we will double check the form before submission. We also guide you on gathering the necessary documentation for the visa interview and most importantly, you will have a 1 hour visa interview preparatory session with our visa consultant.


Giving Birth in USA Apartment
Apartment US Child Birth

(can be excluded if you have a place to stay) – With the doctor and visa in place we’ll proceed to help you secure accommodation for the duration of your stay, there are multiple options available depending on your budget and preferences, we provide crucial guidance on house type, location, neighborhood, proximity to the hospital and general useful tips to get by while living in the US.

Travel Preparation

– with doctor and visa in place we will proceed to make your travel plans (at the same time we search for accommodation) considering your EDD/Fit to fly constraints, lead time for baby documentation and available flight deals.


– We have pre-existing relationship with the hospitals based on which the prices of our packages have been set; this will be shared with you so you can choose from.

Integration & Baby Documentation

– We will provide a step by step guide on how to register your new baby’s citizenship (birth certificate, social security number, American Passport and entry into Nigeria). We will also provide a guide to help you learn about living in the US to help you settle in quickly and enjoy all that the sunshine state has to offer before the baby comes along, remember you can kill two birds (lovely vacation & child birth) with one stone!

The Cost of Giving Birth in the USA – Price List

Item  Price ($)
Hospital Fees
Normal  Single Birth Vaginal delivery with a 2 day stay              2,505.00
Normal  Single Birth Vaginal delivery additional Day’s stay (mother only)                 500.00
Uncomplicated C-Section Single birth Delivery with a 3 Day Stay              4,755.00
C-Section Delivery with Tubal Ligation up to 3 day stay              5,585.00
Tubal Ligation after a vaginal delivery              1,155.00
Additional daily Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit baby rate only              1,325.00
Border Baby Daily Rate                 400.00
Circumcision                 150.00
Labour Check                   60.00
Each Additional Birth                 500.00
Obstetrics and gynaecology Fees
Normal Vaginal Delivery              2,500.00
C-Section Delivery              3,000.00
Complicated C-Section (Negotiated on a case by case basis)
Circumcision                 250.00
Accommodation Starting From
Fully Furnished, shared apartment(with kitchen & essentials) with Wifi, cable TV, washing machine & dryer (per month)                 800.00
Fully Furnished, studio(with kitchen & essentials) with Wifi, cable TV, washing machine & dryer (per month)              1,300.00
Facilitation Fees Price (₦)
Pregnancy Visa Assistance (Visa Fee not Included)         100,000.00
Accompanying Family Visa – Per Person (Visa Fee not Included)           50,000.00
Hospital, doctor, baby documentation, travel,  accommodation & integration facilitation/guidance         200,000.00
It doesn’t get better than this, take the next step towards making you Child Birth in the US dream come through, schedule an appointment to discuss how to proceed with one of our consultants. Remember, If you schedule that appointment today, you will qualify to receive a trick you can use to get an additional $500 discount, that is over N250,000 in cost savings! Only if you schedule an appointment today!
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